Virginia Toalepai’s career in Health & Safety began more than 10 years ago under Region 9 Safety Compliance as a Safety Consultant. She has been involved in thousands of workplace inspections and hundreds of accident investigations in construction and general industry. Virginia brings a sense of strategic focus, mature business judgment, and expert assistance in identifying, evaluating, and resolving safety challenges. To her peers, she is widely respected as a versatile and trusted leader, with a consistent track record of success and proven ability to turn-around struggling programs or build them from scratch.

In her 10 years in the Health & Safety world, Virginia worked closely with countless well known General Contractors and a number of Specialty Trade Subcontractors in the development of safety training programs and practical hazard controls. These programs included: health/safety program development and implementation; safety leadership training; job-site safety inspections; regulatory compliance; emergency management, fall protection, construction safety, respiratory protection, forklift training, SDS/hazardous materials/waste clean-up operations; health and safety management OSHA required training; and design and implementation of loss prevention initiatives. She is also currently an OSHA authorized instructor, who firmly believes that staying proactive to safety is the only way to achieve zero accidents in a workplace. With that in mind, Virginia believes everyone should be treated like a prized athlete!