Krista White currently serves as the fashion director for DLXVRSN Magazine pronounced “deluxe version”. A luxury online publication available for direct print order for stylish enthusiasts. Each issue focuses on bringing readers closer to the realms of high art through talent, taste, fashion and finer living. Featuring exclusive interviews with celebrities, fashion reads, and national stories relating to finer living. The team based the west coast covers topics nationally and beyond to develop one of the finest worldwide readership rooted on the United State’s west coast spanning over 65,000 readers online. Created by a team of leading fashion and beauty professionals, including “America’s Next Top Model” winner Krista White. She recently hosted a judging panel on television show “Global Beauty Masters” returning to television in the spring of 2016. DLXVRSN Magazine’s writers consists of seasoned contributors in topics from lifestyle to fine dining and fashion, as well as Emmy Award winning journalists.